J Bro’s Lures official launch

J Bro's Stick Baits

The time has come for J Bro’s Lures official launch to get started. Over the past year (Starting Aug 2020), we have had many successes and some failures. We had our first mold made and delivered from Epic Bait Molds. Jason did a fantastic job.

Caleb and Isaac both joined the SFL Student Fishing League. Our packaging design for all our soft bait lures is complete and ready to go. We ordered shelves, bins, label makers for the shop to keep me organized. We received all of our plastics, flakes and dyes for our assortment of lures. And we designed and launched our website. The website is an ongoing project and an ever-changing animal…lol.

We are go for launch!

We are launching with nine lure designs with ten color choices. Head over to our shop to check out everything listed below. The names, descriptions, and colors are below:

6″ Trifinity Worm – This bait has three (3) tails, giving the lure a lot of movement.
6.5″ HayMaker – This is a drop shot bait that looks a lot like a nightcrawler on a hook.
5.5″ and 3″ Glider – The glider is a drop shot bait, or it can be fished Texas rigged or like a jerk bait.
5″ Fatty – This is our version of the popular Stick bait. Our is a bit larger in diameter.
3″ and 2″ Grubs – Our grubs have four tails that drive fish crazy for the excellent thump as it moves in the water.
3″ NEDs – Ball point and Double Trouble. The ballpoint NED stands straight up using your favorite NED head, and the tip bounces around as it moves in the water. The Double Trouble has two tails that move when fished, driving the smallmouth crazy.


  • Green Pumpkin
  • Pumpkin Seed
  • June Bug
  • Black
  • Black/Blue
  • Cracked Pepper
  • Black Grape
  • Motor Oil
  • White
  • Watermelon Red

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