Our Story

We started J Bro’s with a simple mission. We need to make fishing lures with more action. Lures that fish simply cannot resist. 

J Bro’s Lures is proud to be a family-owned business, and our family knows fishing. In fact, our three boys started fishing before they could even walk. One thing we’ve learned is that fish cannot resist action. That’s why we designed, created and continue to produce our superior line of J Bro’s Lures.

In 2019, my son Caleb said “Dad, we need to make a different kind of worm…a better worm.” And, I thought, you know, he’s right. We need to make lures with more action. Lures that fish simply cannot resist. When I asked Caleb what he was thinking, he brought me back the drawing that started it all. After a few revisions and using my experience as a mechanical engineer, we cast our first injection mold for the Trifinity Worm, the worm with three tails for more irresistible action.

Since then, we have concepted and produced even more lures with the same idea in mind…more ACTION means more ATTRACTION. Our unique J Bro’s Lures soft bait designs include multiple tails, more streamlined bodies, and added ribs, curves and twists that release more air bubbles. All created with the end goal of attracting and catching more fish. Today, J Bro’s Lures offers 30 different designs producing nine lures in 10 different colors to fit all of your fishing needs. The best part is they are all made right here in the USA.

Our family-owned business includes myself, my wife Erin who is a nurse, my son Matthew who lives in South Carolina, and my sons: Caleb and Isaac who help with everything from trimming and sorting to packing and video creation. The love of fishing and hunting has always been a big part of our lives. Our hope is that our products can make your fishing experiences even more successful and fun so that you can enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends making great memories away from screens and video games. Our plans are to release a new lure every 3 to 6 weeks so STAY TUNED.

One cast with J Bro’s Lures and you’ll be hooked.

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