3″ Ball Point

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  • Bait Length: 3″
  • Quantity: 10

Ball Point

A bass catching machine designed for one thing. Catch, release, repeat.

Best served thrown


The Ball Point stands straight up in water and has a textured design so fish hold on longer.

Type/Size of Hook

Ned Heads in 1/32oz, 1/16oz, 1/8oz, 1/4oz


Ned Rigs

The Ball Point NED lure simulates a bait fish feeding on the bottom of the lake.

All the right angles


We design our lures to create the most action under the water and the toughest lures to withstand multiple catches and releases. More time in the water, less time baiting your hook.


We bathe all our lures in our unique blend of attractants to help you catch more fish. Simply put, we want you to have the best chance at hauling in the big ones.

More action. More fish.

We design our lures to create more ACTION to ATTRACT more fish.

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