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Lake Trout Fishing on Lake Erie

The lake trout, also known as mackinaw, is the largest species of freshwater char and used to be the apex predator in Lake Erie, with massive fish upwards of 50 inches and weighing 75 pounds swimming the depths of the Great Lakes. Lake trout have been stocked in Lake Erie for over 20 years. Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, and Canada annually stock 120,000 of these fish. In fact, last year alone, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission stocked 40,000 lake trout into the Pennsylvania waters.


December 7th 2022 the temperature is 45 degrees and the fog is thick like soup and we have misting rain. Water temp is 45 degrees also and this is my first time trying to catch a lake trout. I have to say it feels very “Erie” when you cannot see a shore line or even know what direction you are looking when you are out on the big water.

Today we were fishing with Steel Shads in the Fire Tiger color and Sentinel Tube in White (Coming Soon). The steel shads were being fished by jigging up and down motion with two quick snaps of the rod. The Sentinel tube was being dragged and jigged also. Baits are pictured below.

Captain Mark Rose from Bass online and I managed to catch 8 lake trout in a short 4-hour trip. That Ranger FX22 Pro was the ticket on getting us to the big fish.

Thank you for stopping by and checking us out. If you ever have any question please feel free to email me at [email protected]

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