How to Tie an Alberto Knot

What is an Alberto knot used for?

The Alberto fishing knot, or the Alberto knot, is a strong knot to use when connecting lines of two different diameters. Many consider this to be the best line to line fishing knot to learn when you need to attach heavy monofilament or fluorocarbon leader to braided line.

Lets get started on showing you how to Tie the Alberto Knot.

Step 1: Start by having your Monofilament or Fluorocarbon fishing line on the left side (Red) and your braided fishing line on the Right side (Blue). This is how I like to tie this fishing Knot.

Step 2: Make a loop with your “Leader Line” which is in the red.

Step 3: Now take your “Braided line” which is in the Blue and put it under the loop of the Red “Leader Line”.

Step 4: Now with the “Braided Line” in blue, you will want to start your wraps by passing the “Braided Line” Blue line underneath the “Leader Line” Red loop.

Step 5: In this step you will need to make 7 wraps around your leader. Make sure you have enough Braided line (8″ to 12″) to make all the loops that will be needed.

Step 6: When you have completed your first set of 7 wraps you will start wrapping over the same loops going back to the right with 7 more wraps.

Step 7: Take the tag end of your Braided line (Blue) and pass it back through the leader loop (Red) you made in Step 2.

Step 8: Now wet your Leader and Braided lines to help against friction and pull your Alberto Knot tight.

There you have it; you just tied your first Alberto Knot. GREAT JOB!

Thank you for checking in with us and stay tuned we will have more coming next week.

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