Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA

We’ll let me give you a run down on what we have been doing since January 23rd. I traveled to Chandler, IN on the morning of the 23rd after dropping my boys off at school. This was an easy 7-hour 456-mile drive. When I arrived at me 2nd manufacturing location, we unloaded all my equipment and got to work. We had three shooting starts from Ultra molds running full time during our 12 days 16 hour plus days leading up to the Great American Outdoor Show. I would get there at 6am and get the plastics (9 gallons) going in the pots. Once my employees arrived at 8am we started shooting.

During the 12 days we made over 25K baits by hand injecting. All the baits we made we took to the GAOS with us. We also came up with some awesome package deals. We put together over 450 bags of the “JUMBRO Bag”. These bags had 50 baits in them. Basically, a little bit of everything we make at this point.

On Day 10 Mike and Logan started working on the Booth for the show. and let me tell you the booth was AWESOME. They designed the booth to fold down for easy storage and transport.

We finished and loaded our booth into a brand-new 7’x14′ enclosed double axel trailer. Along with 18 bins that were full of Baits.

Thursday February 2nd at 6am we started our 14-hour drive to Harrisburg, PA. Well during the drive, I realized I did not have my nice Shirts for the show with me and we made a 3-hour detour to my house in Louisville, Ohio to pick them up. While were here I was able to get a few orders out and to the post office before the long drive across interstate 80 in PA. We finally made it to the Candlewood Suites in Harrisburg about 9:30pm that night. As we pulled into the hotel, we got to see the Ocsar Mayer Weenier Mobil. This was my first time ever seeing this car in person.

Well, we finally made it to setup day. Friday the 3rd we arrived around 9am and we finished setting up around 2pm. Thanks you Trenton for coming down and helping us set up.

So, the show started on Saturday February 4th and went to February 12th. We met a lot of good people at the show. Special thanks to Frank and Cole that had their booth set-up to the left and right of us. Excellent guides and people. Here are some of the highlights below.

I got to meet a YouTube star by the Name Hanna Barron. She noddle’s (aka hand fishing) for catfish.

Also, the most impressive part of the show was being able to be within a foot of Chris Kyles rifle. What a piece of History. RIP Chris and Thank you for your service.

Well, the show was over on Sunday the 12th and we packed up and loaded everything back into the trailer. We went back to the hotel to get some rest for the long drive back to Chandler, IN on Monday morning (720 miles). We made it back around 4:30pm Monday afternoon. Now it is time to start preparing for another show in the near future.

Thank you all for your support and we hope to see you next time.

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