Spend over $50 and get something from our bonus program!

Can Not be used with % off discounts. If you have a coupon for money off see which one gets you the better deal between free bags, free shipping and % off coupons.

Spend over $50 get a free bag of lures. We will pick a bag based on what you order and include it with your order. Use code “FREEBAG” at checkout

Spend over $75 get 2 bags of lures free! We will pick 2 bags based on what you order and include it with your order. Use code “UTAHGETME2”

Spend over $100 and choose to either get a free JumBro bag OR 3 free bags! We will pick one of our JumBro bags or 3 regular bags to include with your order. Use code “JUMBRO” or “3BAGSPLEASE”

When you use any of these codes a discount of 1 cent will be applied. This is intentional as this lets us see the coupon you used with the order so we can make sure you get your free items.

Free Standard Shipping (for U.S. customers) with orders over $100! Your total AFTER any discount coupons MUST be over $100 still to get free shipping. No coupon needed it is automatic but you do need to make sure “Free shipping” is selected. If you choose priority shipping you will be charged as this is not the free shipping.

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